Limba Noastra – National Language day in Moldova (31 August)

Limba noastră, a Romanian word which in English means “Our language.” It’s a Public and National Language day in Moldova. People celebrate it every year on 31 August since 1989. So Today in this article, I am going to talk about this beautiful Language day and how it changed the whole History in 1989.

National Language day in Moldova – Limba Noastra

History Lesson

LIMBA-NOASTRA stands for the “Our tongue” or “Our language,” which named after the Moldova’s National Anthem. On 31 August, the day starts in Chisinau with Flowers all over the place near the monument called “Stefan cel Mare.” Everyone seems happy, everyone preparing for the festival to start. They are celebrating the day when the Popular front of Moldova (PFM) called the Great National Assembly in Chișinău. In the meeting, they put pressure on the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic Authorities to make and adopt a Language law, through which they claimed the Moldovan Language on 31 August 1989.

  • The Moldovan Language is written in the Latin Script which becomes the state language of the MSSR.

National Language Day Celebration

The national Language day in Moldova is not only just for language but also it’s a day when they gather around to celebrate the fact that they got freedom of speech in their mother tongue. To celebrate this day people of Moldova go to museums, exhibitions or go out to see galleries because this day the discounts coupons issued by the government are active to use (more useful for tourists).

The local people gather on the central square of Chisinau and the various traditional performances to entertain the crowd. The function continues since the Independence day on August 27.

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