History of El Salvador Independence Day – 15th September – Freedom from Spain

A lot of people doesn’t hear about the History of El Salvador Independence Day. But today I have the full information with the background of how El Salvador got freedom. Before I talked about the History of Brazil Independence Day and in this article is going to be in the proper human way and not where they use hard ENGLISH words which sometimes go above every Average Human being.

History of El Salvador Independence Day – Freedom from Spain

El Salvador flag

  • El Salvador means Republic of the Savior in English, and in Spanish, it means República de El Salvador. It’s a small town with the lowest populated country in Central America.
  • San Salvador is the biggest city and capital of El Salvador.
  • The total Amount of population this country has is 6.38 Million.
  • El Salvador has a motto – “Dios, Unión, Libertad,” which means in English – “God, Unity, “

History Lesson

On 15 September 1821, Spanish officials finally signed the official letter of independence of Central America. By Signing the letter, they released all the leadership on “Guatemala” (which included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Mexican state of Chiapas) from Spanish rulers and declared all those states to be free and Independent.

But in 1822, the newly formed independent authority of Central American Provinces called a meeting in the Guatemala city and told every liberated country to join the new and first Mexican Empire under the oath of Agustin de Iturbide. But El Salvador refused the offer and put the decision of being self-government country in front, which resulted to get bombed by the military on their ground.

But later on 19 March 1823, The army took their troops back to the land of Mexico, and this made the provinces to refuse to vote to join the Mexico and formed its own the Federal Union of five remaining independent countries because Chiapas Permanently joined the new Mexico.

How People Celebrate the 15 September – El Salvador Independence Day

People always wait for this day to come, especially the Children who love to participate in the parades on this day. On 15 September Independence day, everyone gets ready to march all around the city with cheerleaders dancing and students in cute dresses with the same color as their National Flag – White and Blue.

In some parts, the beautiful Folkloric music gets played with some salsa or merengue, in which people dance and spend time with their loved ones.

Here the picture of kids enjoying the march and adults having a good time in the parade:

cute girls on El Salvador parade

Video of 2013 Parade in El Salvador on independence day:

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History of El Salvador Independence Day – Freedom from Spain
Article Name
History of El Salvador Independence Day – Freedom from Spain
A lot of people doesn’t hear about the History of El Salvador Independence Day and how they got freedom on 15 September, a Freedom from Spain