History of Brazil Independence Day – Sete de Setembro – Brazil’s Public Holiday

Brazil – A place which is famous for Christ the Redeemer (statue) and many other songs and movie Shooting. Now going to celebrate the Brazil Independence day on 7 September. So in this post, I am going to talk about the History of Brazil Independence Day and how they celebrate it and much more. I have many facts regarding the Brazil Independence Day Parade.

History of Brazil Independence Day – Sete de Setembro – Brazil’s Public Holiday

Brazil is a Free Country since 1822, and since then they progressed any many ways. The food and the culture and the love in the air are too much to explain. Latest YouTube Video “Despacito” also filmed in Brazil, and so does many other Movies like Fast and Furious Etc. But before it all started Brazil didn’t have that much freedom. I briefly explained what I mean by freedom in below.

History of Brazil Independence Day

The Brazil Independence Day and the year are on 7 September 1822, and it also called as Sete de Setembro, which in English means Seventh of September. It was a national holiday when United Kingdom of Portugal signed the Declaration of Independence of Brazil.

If we go way back in 1808 when French Troops led by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded the Country called Portugal. It was a counter attack in the result of a refusal to participate in “Trade Embargo” against the UK (United Kingdom).

The case ran long enough in several courts like Lisbon to Rio de Janerio and the Capital of Colonial Brazil. But at the end of the agreement of three key contributors – Brazil, Portugal and the Great Britain, the battle of Independence won by Diplomacy and not with guns.

How People Celebrate the Independence day in Brazil – Brazil Parade

Brazil is famous for its Parades and individuals who participate in it. So, on this occasion, every city celebrates the Brazil National Holiday in their way to pay homage to the most historical day of Declaration of Independence.

In Brasilia, A massive military parade is held to show off their military power at the Eixo Monumental. Almost 30,000 people join together to watch the soldiers showing off their power.

Below are the Pictures showing people of Brasilia enjoying the day when they got the freedom and a free Country: