Halloween the devil’s holiday – History and Significance of Halloween

Halloween is the most awaited festival of the year. Every person no matters its a kid or a Young to an old person; everyone waits for this day to come. On this day they can dress up some scary villain and enjoy the time with their family and friends while getting CANDIES. In this article I am about to discuss the repeatedly asked question – Significance of Halloween and Why Do We Celebrate Halloween every year. I am also going to put my research on the origin of Halloween, and I am going to start with its historical facts you may never know.

  • Halloween also named as All-Halloween or All Hallow’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve.
  • It celebrated in almost every country besides countries like India who have less population of Christian people.
  • On specific 31 October is the day everyone celebrates
  • Trick and treat also called as Guising in Ireland and Trunk-or-treat in Canada and around the United States.
  • Pumpkin which carved in many different ways of Decorative lanterns for Halloween is also called Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Now get started with discovering the origin of Halloween and when it began.

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History and Significance of Halloween – Is Halloween the devil’s holiday

When we hear Halloween, the first thing came to our mind is a spooky ghost, kids in unusual customs which their mom made for them. Everyone loves it, but some people may think it’s a devil’s holiday. So I did my long research and came across some fantastic thing to share. The study includes the history and significance of Halloween and the fact that why people call it a devil’s holiday and some other Halloween history facts too.

History lesson on Halloween

Nowadays people buy the custom online and be all scary, but all this came from Christian dogma and traditions came out of it. Halloween is also a beginning of Christians holy days named as Hallows’ Day on 1 November and All Souls’ day on November 2nd.These two holidays gave the 30 October the full name “All Hallows’ Eve, which means the evening before all hallows’ day.

Though people may think Halloween is an American holiday, it’s roots are Celtic-Europian. Halloween mostly originated from Celtic paganism in the British Isles and their Gaelic festival, marking the end of harvest season or the beginning of winter or darker half of the year. It starts from the sunset of 31 October till the evening of 1 November as Celtic days begin and end at sunset.

The belief behind is that this day the spirits and souls who are still waiting to have, came out to haunt. Hence the tradition started to give treats to those ghosts and make them full fill by it. Some think Halloween Christianized form of Samhain others say Halloween began Solely as a Christian holiday and have no relation with any ancient festival.

Halloween also Came from Rome

Halloween also got some elements from Romans celebrating Pomona, the goddess of fruit, trees, gardens, and harvest. Her feast day, held around, held around the start of November,  was Romans harvest festival. One of the standard symbols of Pomona and harvest was an apple which is the origin of Halloween apple bobbing.

Christianity came to Britain with Halloween

When Christianity came to Britain, they figured the best way to convert people was to incorporate their practices instead of banning them. As November 1 was the Christian feast of all Saints and the nest day is all Souls day, October 31st became the Eve of all Saints or All Hallows Eve. So the modern practice of Halloween is a mixture of Christianity and pagan rituals.

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Halloween the devil's holiday - History and Significance of Halloween
Article Name
Halloween the devil's holiday - History and Significance of Halloween
Halloween is the most awaited festival of the year. Every person no matters its a kid or a Young to an old person; everyone waits for this day to come.