History of Canada Labour Day – First Monday of Every September

Canada is one the Country which is famous for peace, and today I am going to discuss the Canada Labour day. Before we start What is Labour day, I want to tell every reader that from now on I am going to be more consistent with the Posts every day. So you can you can expect Every day a New post to read and a way to get Educated.

What is Labour Day – Why Canada Labor Day Comes on First Monday of September

So now I am going to talk about What is the History of Canada Labor Day and why they only toast on first Monday of September and the Labor Day significance.

Recently on my Twitter Account (@meajeetghuman), many Followers asked me, please post on what holiday is today in Canada, so they can fully have informed. So without losing much time here is the full explanation on what day is labor day and when is labor day this year in Canada. But before some history lesson.

History of Canada Labour Day

The Labour Day in Canada this year is on 4th September 2017. But it all started back in 1872 when the Canadian Society recognized the proper contribution of Organized labor, and several parades and rallies held on that occasion in Ottawa and Toronto.

The Labor day, an Honoring Organized Labour is a Government holiday in all over the Canada, and they always give leave on very first Monday of September.

It’s called as May day too because every other Nation including America celebrates USA Labour day in may. But Canada marks the celebration before the beginning of springs and celebrate it with the entire work force. It also shows the end of the summer and begins of cold winter days.

When other Nation  Started Celebrating their Labour Day

According to the office’s records, America began celebrating the work force day on 1 May 1889, and in Europe, they started it around earliest 1882 on the same day 1 May. New Zealand started the movement of Working day in 1840.

How Canadian people Celebrate this day

People initiate their day with parade watching and then head to the parks for a picnic or to their yard to cook barbecues and share it with their relatives and neighbors. This day usually announced and celebrated as the last celebration of Summer.

Here are some pictures of people having fun on the Public of holiday of Canada: